domain names is a dedicated domain name auction platform, where you can bid and purchase on premium domain names exclusively for sale. is founded by domain broker and consultant, Mr Jag Singh CLICK HERE to connect via Linkedin.
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Each Lot will start at $88 and will be listed for 3 months.

Each lot will have a private “Reserve Price” in which the domain name shall not be sold unless the “Reserve Price” is met. 

Buy Now Price could be listed if reserve has been met, and auction has more than 4 weeks left till auction end date. 

Bidding on a domain name is simple, just sign up and place your bid on the domain name listing and when the auction ends the highest bidder wins. 

Please note: Before making any bids you must complete all your details, which can be found in your account under My Details. This will complete our KYC. (Know your customer) 

Some lots will feature a “Buy Now” button, displaying the price to end the auction, in which a you as the buyer can go straight in and make a purchase and avoiding any competitive bidding and miss opportunities.

Please note:  All bidders will be informed 24hrs before going live with a BIN price.

After the auction has ended, the winning bidder will be notified and be you will be required to provide your chosen registrar, so the domain name can be transferred, followed by being prompted to make payment.

Please note: Jag will contact all winners bidders, to help with payment & transfer process. 

We offer our winning bidders a range of payment methods, Stripe, Paypal & bank transfer, all of which are safe, secure and trusted. Once the winner has made payment to, we will hold the payment securely, until the domain name has been successfully transferred to your chosen domain registrar. Once we have received conformation from both parties (seller and buyer) only then we will release the funds to the seller.

At we are committed to ensuring that all buyers are looked after and this continues through the listing period (auction or classified) and into the payment process, ensuring that sellers receive payment before any ownership or assets are transferred; and ensuring that buyers receive exactly what they purchased. 

Of course you can discuss and negotiate in whatever form and in whatever way most suits you, however the actual offer or auction bid needs to be placed on the listing. If its not lodged on, it does not happen.

This means if a auction continues to run without your bid being placed, you could lose out to another buyer.

This means in classified listings we can receive other offers and accept one from someone else, meaning that you lose out to another buyer. is also unable to help you with issues that arise from activity conducted outside the system. Our secure Escrow service is here to protect you by holding payment securely for you whilst you review assets ( Domain Name ) and confirm ownership of your new purchase. If there are any concerns or issues we still have your payment secured and can return it to you. If you transact outside of the platform of we cannot help you other than try and mediate the best way that we can.

If a user has contacted you to conduct a sale off-platform, please report it to us by contacting support has created a powerful domain name auction platform that is simple and straightforward, making it easy to use.

All domain names listed are exclusively for sale by Owners have given full authority and permission to sell their domain names via our Auction Platform where they can receive bids and offers.